If You Can Click A Mouse - You Can Develop Your Kid's Social Skills!

Is your child’s attention constantly switching - between the TV, the PC/Mac, tablet device, and smartphone? Spending hours and hours in front of the screen without human interaction? You already ask yourself if you are bringing up a little nerd lacking any social skills? (hint: Your child’s behavior is totally normal and we probably would have acted the same way)

Welcome to the club. You are not alone. And it is NOT your FAULT. Until now, you just didn’t have the right solution - but here it is!

Martial arts is a perfect way for your child to engage in a group activity! In our classes, the kids first discover a very viable SOCIAL SKILL for the real world: RESPECT. For the seniors and instructors, for the other children, and - ultimately important - for THEMSELVES.

The kids are also asked to TEACH the other students what they have learned. This requires them to process new information, communicate clearly, and to have empathy for their counterparts.

Besides all these important social skills, martial arts classes give children something that is way more important to them (so they CANNOT WAIT to put down their electronic devices for the next couple hours): Having a bunch of FUN with OTHER KIDS!

How To Help Your Child Get Better Grades!

In Kids Martial Arts, the training units are based on repeating routines under the eye of the constantly observing teacher. The students have to permanently pay attention to their own movement patterns as well as on group activities. This “Forced Focus” typically leads to a state of flow, where your kid is NOT DISTRACTED by any thoughts.

Although their bodies are moving fast, now INSIDE their minds the children become CALM and peaceful. Wait for a second, you can feel this relief, too? Wow. It’s kinda like a remote control for your little one to turn off the noise in his head.

Over time, Kids Martial Arts routines gradually improve your child’s IMPULSE-CONTROL and ability to FOCUS, two invaluable skills to have in a modern stress-driven world. Countless studies have shown that kids with these skills live more in the present moment and can FINISH the ONE task in front of them. Oh, yeah, and they get BETTER GRADES in school, so you can stop spending money on your kid’s private tutor!